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Welcome to the Paypal Donation Page.

Starting as a small weekend project around 1998 as I was learning HTML coding, I took a Wordperfect formatted document of significant welding dates and published to the web. As I learned more coding, time permitted, the web site expanded and became a source of information for students and educators from around the world. As Such, this is the ONLY web site of its kind on the internet. Some come close, but none have matched or exceeded the information provided about the History of Welding.

Although the cost of maintaining this web site is moderate overall, I have been asked many times to set up a Paypal link to collect donations from satisfied fans of this web site.

So. This is my humble request.

If you enjoyed visiting or used this information in a school report or elsewhere, feel free to donate $5.00 (or more) towards the maintenance of this web site. Your contributions are NOT tax-deductible; just a warm, heartfelt appreciation for the content and the historical significance of welding.

For those so inclined, please click on the Paypal link below and contribute.

With Deep Appreciation,


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